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Il Salone del Mobile Milano 2022

02. Juli 2022

Blog summary:

Classics and remakes in focus - huge lack of innovation. Il salone and fuorisalone are the same as 2019 when the last one took place.

Many soft earth basic colors (green, terracotta, yellow) and wooden textures en vogue. Branding exercises from non furniture brands and almost zero innovation from youngsters (Satellite, Tortona, Branzate).

What about sustainability & CO2? 

Classic & remakes

Many major brands pullet out their classics. Starting from EAMS and ending at BOFFI. The question is why?

My assumption are tow simple arguments:
a) Uncertanty if Salone 2021 & 2022 would happen. Brands decided a side step instead a bold move forward
b) Best years ever: Furniture sales peaked in 2020/2021 during COVID. Much money was made and brands had to fucus on their supply chain in order to be able to deliver. 

Branding exercises:

May be it has been too long or I wasn't aware before. The branding efforts of non furniture companies are huge. First of all it was HERMES who rented Pelota (the main location in Brera design district) for a pure brading exercise. (see blog header picture) But also Tortona is >50% branding, from San Daniele prociutto to IKEA, LEXUS, IQOS, etc etc. 

Earth mellow colors

Could you have ever imagined that GESSI would show colors for their fittings? It happened ...

... and so did many other brands. Following the basic colors red, green and yellow. 2023 we will probably see many more brands jumping on that trend.




A kitchen is a kitchen / wooden textures

The 10'000m2 kitchen exhibition was as always: a big BLUM showroom. Every brand got a new pocket door to show (available as of 2023). Next 125 was probably the most innovative.

Brera once again outperformed the main fair. Molteni, Valcucine and Boffi are still the true leaders in (European) kitchen design. See picture - nice stone work from Boffi.

At the fair and the city was a clear trend of (wooden) textures to see. 


Wooden textures

Sink detail seems to be a trend


100 new and upcoming designers were showing their newest creatons at Satellite. To my big surprise there wasn't some special new (sustainable) material, upcycling, etc to see. But it felt like there where 30 book shelves, 25 chairs and 45 new table designs to see. Who needs that? 

In tortona I found two interesting pieces:

1,5 Mio Euro Chair

Staubsauger als Pflanzenkübel

Sustainability & CO2 reduction

I was expecting to see major brands shifting to sustainability since the building industry is (beside transport and farming) the biggest industry to change. Some brands did some first trial steps, ie Valcucine with the ESG development goals. Others like Dornbracht who is already producing co2 neutral did not even mention it.