OPEN - Co2 neutral buildings by dade development

03. Juli 2022

Reaching 2050 Paris climate targets today #co2netzero

Dade Development AG is building a CO2 neutral building 2022/2023

Since 2016 our concrete factory dade design is CO2 neutral. With OPEN we are taking the next step in order to leverage our #CCS (carbon capturing and storage) and building knowhow. 17 Units for sales as of autumn 2023

The OPEN philosophy for sustainability


  • Building materials are Co2 neutral or Co2 negative 
  • Developed using LEGO principle: Aim to build an OPEN within 9 months with local materials (everywhere)
  • Technology transfer for #CCS (carbon capture & storage)

OPERATIONS (zero emmissions)

  • Plus energy house – generating more energy then needed (incl. electric cars) 
  • In-house energy storage 
  • Efficient building physics – production of energy (+/-) only when and where needed

LONGEVITY (built for 100+ years)

  • Foundation built to last for centuries
  • Flexible design and construction for easy adaptation to different future uses (almost zero waste)
  • Beautiful design and high quality construction – OPEN buildings are local landmarks